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IT Onboarding: quickly familiarize yourself with new applications

Whether you are just running new applications or employing new employees: we ensure that all your employees quickly find their way within the IT infrastructure. In our training we learn not only to work with new applications, but also how they make the best out of your organization.

What you need to learn, you learn by doing.

New applications require a new way of working. We translate this into a practical, interactive training for all employees. Because we have helped to choose and design the applications, we can teach your employees how to work efficiently with the new applications like no other. This makes IT Onboarding the last step in Carbons’ end-to-end solution: from an ICT baseline, to process optimization, to a new ICT environment, in which everyone knows their way.


Also for new employees

Of course you want to learn new employees how to work as quickly and as effectively as possible with the available ICT resources. For a fixed amount per month, we give an IT Onboarding training to a maximum of 4 new employees. For this we reserve a fixed day (or part of the day) every month in the agenda of our trainers. Up to 2 weeks in advance you have the flexibility to indicate whether there are new employees. If not, the training will simply be canceled. And if more than 4 employees start up, we plan extra time for this.


Total onboarding

Carbon’s IT training fits perfectly in the total onboard process. And because we now know the organization well, it is a small effort for us to include a general introduction of the company, the culture and the jargon in the training.


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