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Business scan: charting your ICT landscape

Do you want to fully understand the ICT landscape in your organization? Is it difficult to get an overview of the systems and applications involved? Has everyone lost track of the management, licenses and SLAs? Carbon’s business scan shows you what is going on, which costs are involved, where the vulnerabilities lie, how effective it is and whether it needs to be replaced.

You need to know where you are, before you can continue on the right path

Over the years, many organizations have completely lost the overview over the ICT packages they use. Departments purchase software packages independently, not knowing if it complies with the ICT policy. Or they no longer know who the supplier is and who executes the management, let alone what level of service can be expected, in other words which service level agreements are in place.


ICT baseline

We are able to restore a clear overview through discussions with key employees. Using an ICT baseline measurement, we map the entire ICT landscape for you. This offers insight into which applications there are, what they are being used for, whether and how they are linked to each other and what you can expect from them. In other words: after the scan, you know to what extent the ICT supports the business processes and whether the application management is properly arranged. On this basis, we can jointly define a concrete ICT strategy for the long term.


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