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The Carbon method

Carbon takes your IT infrastructure and associated business processes to a higher level. Using a proven method, which quickly yields the desired result, we transform your ICT, making it scalable, manageable and future-proof.


First, we use a business scan to map the ICT landscape in relation to the business processes. What is the current state of ICT and how does this support the business processes? Through conversations we find out where the organization wants to go and we help to set up a long-term ICT strategy. We then translate this into a concrete annual plan: which ICT projects are needed in the short term to optimally support the business processes?

Focus on follow-up

You can confidently leave the execution of ICT projects, such as software package selection or – implementation, to a Carbon project manager.

If this requires a different approach or even a redesign of the business processes, one of Carbon’s change managers provides the necessary support and removes obstacles if needed.

Why Carbon?

Why did we choose the name Carbon? Carbon is made of carbon fibers and is therefore light yet extremely strong, which is why it is widely used in aviation and the automotive industry. Carbon is virtually indestructible and very flexible. The strength, flexibility and durability of carbon can be found in our solutions and in our relationships as well.


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